Is your life in the wrong movie plot?


If you dream of greater:

√ Meaning



You might just be a Freedom Seeker!

Owning your business could be the perfect solution to crafting your new life story, but not just any business will do!

You need a purpose-driven business that will support the life you envision.


If this is you,

I wrote a book specifically for you! 


My book guides you through The Unbiased Right Business Right Life Success Formula of identifying and selecting the right business that aligns with your goals and passions, so you can create a life you truly love.


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Message from the Author



Hey There, Freedom Seeker!

If we haven't met, I am Patricia. Welcome to my world, the exhilarating big sky of small business entrepreneurship! 

This upcoming book has been a painful labor of love and I am excited to share it with you soon!

My career as a small business entrepreneur spans several decades in the trenches of America's Main Street and online business. After I bootstrapped my first business to multiple seven-digit figures over twenty years, I decided to share my hard-earned experience as a business coach. Since, I've coached and mentored owners of independent businesses, franchises, and buyers/sellers of all types of businesses. It led me to discover two tragedies: most business owners don't research adequately and don't pre-plan the launch of their new business before they start it. Consequently, the majority are miserable with their business, with half eventually failing within five years, according to the SBA. That's tragedy #1!

Then I came across tragedy #2. For several years, I conducted monthly entrepreneurship workshops for job seekers at a local Employment Development Department. There I met many smart, capable, and driven former employees who were miserable with having a J O B and dreamed of the freedom of owning a business. Tragedy #2: too few broke free and most returned to a soul-sucking position and gave up on their dream.

So I wondered two things:

#1: what's the point of getting into a business you own if it is to be just as unhappy and as unfilled, sometimes worse off, as before?

#2: What's stopping anyone from living a life with freedom and meaning with a business they own if that is their dream?

It took me a while to realize that neither is caused by the usual suspects, i.e., lack of money, time, experience, ideas, family support, or because the stars fail to align perfectly in the sky. 

We all know, the  perfect time doesn't exist when it comes to pursuing our dream!

What causes some people to jump into the wrong business to realize they are unhappy and others to remain in jobs where they are also unhappy is a LACK OF CLARITY.

I got it!  The number one fear we all have when deciding to start or buy a business is the fear of failing by losing money and damaging our reputation. 

As an aspiring business owner, it is easy to get overwhelmed by entrepreneurship's inherent risks and freeze into inaction. Or we are too quick to decide (or listen to the wrong people) and jump in too fast with the wrong action. Some of us underreact and others overreact.  

Once I understood that "lack of clarity" is the root cause of these two tragedies, I was inspired to  create a solution to help every fellow freedom seeker succeed with a business that fits them and the life they envision!

This is why I developed the Right Business Right Life™, a step-by-step formula to eliminate the overwhelm of creating or buying a business.  This formula begins with a roadmap to objectively guide aspiring business owners in impartial early-stage research and vetting of their ideal business BEFORE they invest significant sums in any venture. The goal is to end up launching the most viable business for the life they dream of, and with confidence in their success. 

CLARITY is the remedy that helps us focus, feel energized, take action, and it begins with doing the right research. 

In this book, I share in great detail the RESEARCH stage of  the "Right Business Right Life Success Formula" to help you with:

  • Clarity on what you might want or not want with a business you own.

  • A strategy to organize your priorities and objectives.

  • A roadmap to research business ideas that fit you.

  • Mistakes to avoid.

  • Quantifying the best business idea for you.

  • Preparing your success with a solid foundation.

  • Saving tremendous time, great sums of money, and energy.

And the knowledge and resources that are shared with you in this book help you make better decisions throughout your entire entrepreneurial career.

I'm thrilled to invite you to be among the first to receive access to my book and a chance to receive a free private coaching session with me (limited to the first 20 book buyers.) Sign-up for the VIP list!

Cheers to a Life you Love!

Patricia Bottero St-Jean, MBA
Author, Business Coach, Founder, and Freedom Seeker!


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Peek into the Table of Content

Identifying and starting the right business to succeed is not accidental.
This is why you need to follow a proven methodology to help you make the right and most objective decisions. 


The Unbiased Research Formula
to Start Your New Life Chapter with a Purpose-Driven Business.

INTRODUCTION - Hey there, Freedom Seeker!


  • CHAPTER 1 - Where you get a Glimpse of The Sketchy Terrain of Business Ownership.
  • CHAPTER 3 - Where you Side-Step the Inherent Flaws of Small to Mid-Size Enterprises (SMEs).
  • CHAPTER 4 - Where you Discover /The secrets to Success as a Business Owner.
  • CHAPTER 5 - Where you Avoid the Four Approaches that can Derail you.


  • CHAPTER 6 - Where You Use The Core Mechanism of Alignment.
  • CHAPTER 7 - Part A -Where you Look IN:  Step-by-Step Internal Research.
  • CHAPTER 7 - Part B- Where you look OUT: Step-by-Step External Research.
  • CHAPTER 8 - Where you Reinvent your Life with the Right Business.
  • CHAPTER 9 - Where you Cultivate the Soil of your Success with your Mindset.


  • CHAPTER 10 - Now, let’s Quantify your LIFE+ vision.
  • CHAPTER 11 - Now, let’s Come up with New Business Ideas.
  • CHAPTER 12 - Now, let’s Prepare your Financing File.
  • CHAPTER 13 - Now, let’s Establish your Research’s Roadmap and Timeline.

CONCLUSION -  Your New Adventure with a Business you Own for a Life you Love.

  • What to Do Next.

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