What if...
there could be more to your life and career than working for someone else's company?


If you are burned out on:


  • Time vampire commute.

  • Business travel.

  • Office politics.

  • Risks of another layoff.

  • Wasteful meetings.

  • No flexibility with your time.

  • Shrinking pay & benefits as you get closer to retirement.

  • And arranging your entire life, and your family's, according
    to a company's 
    priorities, not yours...


Maybe it's time to re-evaluate.



Consider starting a business you love for greater income and freedom!



But before you quit your job, or jump into the current "hot business" idea, let us:

  • Carefully strategize your exit from your job AND accurately plan out your new career as an entrepreneur.

  • Capitalize on your strengths, genius, and competitive advantage.

  • Align yourself with the business type or business idea that can deliver the income and life you want -  out of the 100s of possible ideas.

  • Gain clarity on the best business path for you -  out of the four possible paths.

  •  Know what to do to launch your chosen business idea on a solid foundation with confidence that it will succeed.



a mini-course showing you how to transform your life as an employee,

to a successful owner of the right business for a life of your own design.

Life is short...

Don't wait to begin a life you love where you have the freedom to prioritize your time based on 
WHO matters the most and WHAT is most important for you.

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What you Accomplish with this Course

The right sequence of actions to start your entrepreneurial career 
before you exit your life as an employee. 


- Step 1 -

Have clarity on the lifestyle, income, freedom, and equity you want a business to facilitate for you.

Determine exactly what life you want with the business you will own.

- Step 2 -

Understand and leverage your competitive advantage.

How to avoid the biggest mistake most business owners make and resulting in closing their business.

- Step 3 -

Align your business with your deep purpose & your "why."

Verifying that the business you pick is aligned with your deep purpose.

- Step 4 -

Choosing your ideal path to business ownership.

By understanding the pros and cons of the four paths to business ownership and deciding on the best path for you.

- Free Bonus! - Your Next Steps -

The Roadmap to the Right Business Right Life Business Plan

Once you have picked the right business for you, it will be time to exercise due diligence.  In the bonus lessons, we share the steps to our Right Business Right Life Business Plan that shows you how to vet and plan your business on a solid foundation to get to profits faster.

Who says you can’t have a LIFE based on your priorities and your values?

Like the 38.5 million business owners in the US, you too can live a life with greater income and more freedom!  But first, before you exit corporate and invest time and money into any type of business, take the right first steps:
with this course we explore the landscape of small to mid-size enterprises, the types of businesses that fit you best, and the steps to transition from burned-out employee to successful entrepreneur.  

Get the Course: Most Critical Steps to Pick the Right Business for a Life you'll Love

What you get in this course

This is the first step of the Right Business Right Life methodology that I share when my coaching clients in their entrepreneurial journey, and packaged in a low cost, self-paced, and convenient digital course.


15 self-paced, step-by-step lessons
in short, easily digestible videos that are accessible anytime.

Templates, exercises, decision-making tools
help you take action in planning your life as an entrepreneur.

Market resources
and referrals

Get market resources to vet, plan & launch the business you have picked. 

Join our Private Facebook Group, a community of entrepreneurs who support each other.

Most Critical Steps to Pick the Right Business for a Life You'll Love


Get the Course: Most Critical Steps to Pick the Right Business for a Life you'll Love


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Is this Course for me?

Here is what we know about you. You might live in any of the 52 United States and other jurisdictions, or anywhere in the world and you are not satisfied with your life’s status quo. Perhaps you always wanted to own a business, or perhaps you came to the realization that working on someone else’s dream is never going to give you financial security, nor a life prioritizing who and what is important to you. Welcome to OPEN FOR BUSINESS, your Start-a-Business Lab where we support you by sharing the business knowledge you need if you are:

  • At a crossroads in your career and are considering business ownership as a better path. 
  • A stay-at-home parent who wishes to start a part-time or full-time business while raising the kids.
  • A veteran who seeks to build a new civilian life.
  • A professional seeking to diversify your revenues for financial security by owning an absentee business while keeping a full-time career.
  • A foreign national pursuing the American dream via an investor's E2 or EB-5 visa.
  • A new or soon to be retiree strategizing an encore.
  • A recent graduate with an entrepreneurial spirit.

In all cases, your destination is to consciously create your chosen life with business ownership as your vehicle to success. But before you jump in and spend considerable money, time, and energy in any venture that may or may not be the right fit for you and your family, OPEN FOR BUSINESS, provides you with the tools to learn how to identify the business models that will leverage your strengths and meet your life goals, should it be via a new idea startup, a turn-key concept (franchise-type) or the acquisition of an existing business that is for sale.

Through practical business education courses, market resources, and coaching we help you explore the landscape of business ownership to give you the tools to find the right path to your flourishing life. If you want to put all odds of success on your side as you transition into the world of small to midsize enterprise (SME) ownership, join us to learn how to pick, vet, plan, and launch the right business for you for a life you'll love. 

Get the Course: Most Critical Steps to Pick the Right Business for a Life you'll Love

Meet your Instructor

PATRICIA BOTTERO ST-JEAN, Start-a-Business Coach

Hi! I'm Patricia.

I'm a small business enthusiast, a freedom seeker, a pragmatic optimist, and an avid hiker. I have spent my 30-year career in the trenches of America's Main Street Business.  I've been an entrepreneur since my mid-twenties, when I moved to the US from Europe to start my first business; a multi-million $ brick and mortar business that I bootstrapped. For the past ten years, I have specialized in coaching people out of a job they hate into a successful life they love by picking the right business and launching it on a solid foundation. 

I founded OPEN FOR BUSINESS, a Start-a-Business lab and coaching agency with the specific purpose of guiding entrepreneurs from early-stage research, vetting, planning, and up to the launch of their ideal business so that they can start their venture by minimizing risks and maximizing their success. The framework of my coaching services, online courses, and low-cost membership is based on a unique methodology titled Right Business Right Life that I have developed to fail-proof the launch of any small business. 

I love freedom, and I believe there is no better way to live a life we love than by being self-empowered, self-sufficient, and self-employed with the right business for each of us.

If you love freedom too, join me on this journey, and let's discover what your life could be like by first exploring your potential new career as owner of your livelihood and your business. 

Cheers to living a life you love!


Patricia Bottero St-Jean, MBA
Start-a-Business Coach, Founder of OPEN FOR BUSINESS

Get the Course: Most Critical Steps to Pick the Right Business for a Life you'll Love

What these Business Owners Say

Tommaso Labrarile - Ower at Mosaico Signs
First of all, just to be clear, Patricia offers way more than professional advice or consultant service... called experience in the real business world. If your goal is to find a solution, aka the best business for your life and you can't do it alone as there are a lot of factors to consider and you should look at them from different angle other than yours...The best choice is to look for the best solution, so you can happily find your goal waiting at the end of this route. Tommaso Labarile E-2 Visa investor from Italy.

Cristina Burcescu, MBA
Marketing Business Development Partner and Founder
Patricia’s long-term expertise in entrepreneurship is best shared with her clients via her extremely insightful coursework, Right Business Right Life. I’ve had the opportunity to learn about the best ways to start or buy a business, and how to integrate the chosen business with my ideal lifestyle. Financing the business is an important aspect that I’ve learned in this course, and Patricia has the gift to motivate and find resources for her clients in such a way that it does not become overwhelming. Patricia’s coaching style has not only looked at my personal strengths and accountability but always stayed aligned with my personal goals. I’d fully recommend the Right Business Right Life course to anyone looking at becoming a business owner, either through a new concept or an already proven one.

‚ÄčKrista Valdonidos  - Digital Marketer
Patricia offers a unique approach to starting a business that you just won’t find anywhere else!  I highly recommend Patricia’s program, Right Business Right Life, along with her coaching services, to anyone who wants to start a business.  Her program offers so much value and so many resources.  But perhaps the greatest resources is Patricia herself.   With over 30 years as a business owner, she brings to the table insights and hard-won lessons gained through her own experience.  The conversations with her through the coaching sessions helped me clarify what it is I really want out of my business:  In my  case, it is an online business that I can develop from home, while working around my family life.  Patricia’s unique approach to business, combined with her detailed process of research and discovery, truly can help you find your right business and your right life.

Benjamin Soukup - Mechanical Engineer
Absentee Model Business Owner, Perfect Water, LLC
Patricia has a lot of experience with small business ownership and the process involved with getting your own company up and running. I have worked with her throughout the last year to secure my first business purchase. Her method consists of finding the right business based on your personality and long term goals and she works hard to find the right opportunities for you. Working with Patricia is great for those of you who have no formal education in business (I did not). Transitioning into business ownership requires goal setting and accountability to get through each step in the process. Patricia provides this accountability along with guidance and support as issues come up.

Your New Life Chapter Begins with this One Simple Step!

Get the Course: Critical Steps to Pick the Right Business for a Life you'll Love

Bonnie Li, CPA MBA, 
Owner - Padgett Accounting

Patricia helped me create my accounting firm Padgett in Mountain View from zero. She provided me very practical, patient and professional ways to analyze different business models and my personalities to finalize my choice that best suitable for me. Without her help, I wouldn't run my business this smoothly. I have been following her seminars and events. Every time, there's always an idea enlighten me that helps me running my business. I highly recommend Patricia who will provide you tailored and best business learning experience.

Nicholas James,
Owner, The Well-Being Group

An extraordinary and happy piece of serendipity led us to Patricia Bottero St-Jean when we first moved to Santa Barbara. Having sold our business of 16 years, we were looking for new investment opportunities and new adventures. On being introduced to Patricia, whose passion and mission is exactly to help people find business opportunities tailored to their needs and skill sets, we started to work with her to find our new business....we are both extremely grateful and indebted to her for her time, expertise and commitment to our future success and happiness.

Brian Cicek,
International Real Estate Developer, Sweden

Patricia is a great business coach for identifying and recommending the right suitable business for one. She delivers a strong comfort and security to work with with the extra services like lawyers and other services which one can need when moving. I highly recommend Patricia to anyone!

Andrew Peters
Owner, Energy Digital Marketing

After years in the corporate world it was time for a change and I felt trapped. Fortunately I met Patricia who has been my professional coach and the steady “hand on the tiller” guiding me to a professional rebirth through franchising. She used time and expertise to understand my situation and strengths and match me to an opportunity that I love without any pressure to take action on her behalf. Her nurturing counsel helped make the decision to start my own consulting business simple. Patricia’s business acumen is first rate which is proving important as she still provides coaching as I grow my business. 

Begin your New Life Chapter Today!

For a life lived without regrets, a life that prioritizes what matters the most and who is most important to you. 

Get the Course: Most Critical Steps to Pick the Right Business for a Life You'll Love