for exploring how to craft your life by design

with a business that fits you and the life you envision.

You are in the right place if you are considering starting a business full-time or part-time and you want to build it on a solid foundation to succeed by:
1) Picking the right business model for the life you wish to have.
2) Aligning the right business to your strengths and competitive advantage. 
3) Ensuring that the business you pick is economically viable before you launch it. 


I'm Patricia Bottero St-Jean, founder of OPEN FOR BUSINESS. We help employees become entrepreneurs, full-time or part-time, for greater income & flexibility, by offering guidance, a roadmap & market resources to create or buy the right business.

During our strategy and discovery call, we discuss:

  • Your options as an entrepreneur.

  • What you want a business to do for you.

  • Next steps to map out your business exploration.

Click below to fill out a quick form and pick a time for a Discovery & Strategy discussion with me. It's free, and there are no strings for either one of us.

In addition, as a thank-you gift for your time, I'll give you a copy of the RIGHT BUSINESS RIGHT LIFE ROADMAP™, a formula I developed to guide my clients to succeed in launching their businesses on a solid foundation.

If we find that we might be a mutual fit to collaborate, we'll set up a time to further discuss a plan of action. 

What do you have to lose? There are zero risks in brainstorming about starting a business. You'll likely get a few tips that will save you resources of time, and money.

Talk soon!

Cheers to crafting your life by design with the right business.

Patricia Bottero St-Jean, MBA


 "A business that fits us is the ultimate vehicle to a life that suits us." 
- Patricia Bottero St-Jean.