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Discover Your Strengths as a Leader & the Types of Business that Fit You Most

Your first step in becoming a business owner is self-awareness.

For a small to midsize enterprise (SME) ownership, your leadership style is just as critical as the economic viability of a business. Why? Because you, the future owner and CEO of your business are its MOST IMPORTANT ASSET. In gaining clarity on your strengths you'll understand what type of business is most aligned to you so that you can start your most viable business and capitalize on your strengths.
Step 1 - Receive a link to take an executive strength assessment using three research-based psychometric assessments (drivers, motivators, strengths) provided by a reputable 3rd party.
Step 2 - After taking the 20-minute assessment, you'll receive a 30+-page report describing your drivers, your motivators, and your strengths on how you operate best in the workplace, how you handle change, and how you influence your environment, and what is most effective for you to delegate in your business career.
Step 3 - Schedule a debrief with a Start-a-Business Coach Patricia Bottero to guide you in aligning yourself with the type of business that needs your leadership style.
Assessment & coaching session: $497

What these Business Owners Say:

After years in the corporate world it was time for a change and I felt trapped. Fortunately I met Patricia who has been my professional coach and the steady “hand on the tiller” guiding me to a professional rebirth through franchising. She used time and expertise to understand my situation and strengths and match me to an opportunity that I love without any pressure to take action on her behalf. Her nurturing counsel helped make the decision to start my own consulting business simple. Patricia’s business acumen is first-rate which is proving important as she still provides coaching as I grow my business.

Andrew Peters

Patricia’s long-term expertise in entrepreneurship is best shared with her clients via her extremely insightful coursework, Right Business Right Life. I’ve had the opportunity to learn about the best ways to start or buy a business, and how to integrate the chosen business with my ideal lifestyle. Financing the business is an important aspect that I’ve learned in this course, and Patricia has the gift to motivate and find resources for her clients in such a way that it does not become overwhelming. Patricia’s coaching style has not only looked at my personal strengths and accountability but always stayed aligned with my personal goals. I’d fully recommend the Right Business Right Life course to anyone looking at becoming a business owner, either through a new concept or an already proven one. E2 Visa investor- Roumania

Cristina Iulia Burcescu

Patricia offers way more than professional advice or consultant service. Working with her and OPEN FOR BUSINESS means a relationship because she goes further, answering your question even before you ask since she ties her work to your needs. After a few sessions, she knows your goal better than you as you are still searching. That is simply called experience in the real business world, first hand, for years, without delegating or procrastinating. If your goal is to find a solution, aka the best business for your life -and you can’t do it alone as there are a lot of factors to consider- you should look at them from different angles other than yours, well, Patricia is ready to help you. Patricia will teach you how to be smart and happy with your new business even if you have to change continent to open a new business and move to another county. Tommaso Labarile E-2 Visa investor – Italy

Tommaso Labarile

Patricia offers a unique approach to starting a business that you just won’t find anywhere else! I highly recommend Patricia’s program, Right Business Right Life, along with her coaching services, to anyone who wants to start a business.

Krista Valdovinos